I recently put together a pc, this weekend I decided to upgrade it more by buying some ram I bought 2 crucial 512mb sticks the same that I have in there now <ddr2 pc3200/400mhz> (different manufacturer though) After doing some more reading online I realize I might have made the wrong desicion . Should I have bought 2 x 1gb sticks of higher speed ram instead of the 4 sticks of 512mb im going to run? In the near future I want to OC my cpu would I be limited using the pc3200/400mhz? If you think I will be better off with 2x 1gb of something please let me know what type. I'd like to spoend less than $225
+ I'd like to get them from new egg . I can allways send the ram thats on its way back or givem to my brother.
P4 3.0 800mhz (prescot)
asus P5LD2
200gb sata
evge7900gt co
2x 512 mb ddr2 PC3200/400mhz(240pin)(siemens)