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Thread: New PC, Help Needed Please

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    LOL! I don't blame you. I still believe AMD has a better upgrade path, and there are alot of reports that Intel has shown their best hand and have nothing left to fight AMD with in hte near future. AMD still has the better architecture and still hasn't gone to 65nm process so they have room to grow. Besides, we all know how Intel loves to lead the masses around by their nose.

    My only other advice is to get the best ram you can possibly afford. As for a power supply, do the same. OCZ GameXtreme units are excellent and offer upgradeability options in the future. Good luck and report back on the new build!
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    Hmm, with all those SATA ports that come on modern motherboads, I probably wouldn't want to get the 750GB drives. You can get four 300GB hard drives for the price of a single 750GB. Even if you have to put a controller card in the computer and get an external encloser, you end up getting a lot more space for your money. If I needed over a TB of space, I'd grab six to ten 300GB SATA drives and put them in a RAID array, either 01, 10, or 5. You still get more space for the money (yes, even in a RAID 1/01/10 array, which all have 100% price overhead) than with 750GB hard drives, and you also get better speed and reliability. The only real downside is that you may not have a case with sufficient space for hard drives.

    I didn't realize how much of a premium Core 2 has over there. You're definitely better off with AM2. For me, it's pretty much get an X2 3800 and overclock if you're spending under about $700 USD or get a 6300 and overclock if you're spending more than that.

    AMD does not have the better architecture though. The only thing AMD has going for it over Intel is hypertransport at this point, and Intel has shown us with Core 2 the FSB is still useful. The upgradability remains to be seen. Intel loves to switch chipsets with every new processor, but it looks like 965/975 might last for at least the first couple iterations of desktop quad-core and even DDR3, so 2007 shouldn't see any entire platform switches to upgrade a Core 2 system bought now. AM2 boards are supposed to be forwards-compatible with AM3, which is fairly impressive, and may just make AM2 that longest lasting desktop CPU platform ever.
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