Hey guys I was looking up computer components and there was an LG 20 inch with 1400 contrast and what not at 8ms. That was for 350, but I've found these two moniters for the same price, what do you think?



I got those two from here.


Well anyway the viewsonic is identical to the accer I believe, as in they use the same display's. Differences are the bezel designs and stand. I think the viewsonic has better wire management on the back and has speakers. But I prefer the accer's more plain look, plus it's a little brighter and gets rid of those unescessary speakers.

But I'd like input from you guys, what do you think about these two moniters? I like them because there pixel dot pitch is larger than the smaller 20 inch wide screens show and there larger. It seems that the 20 inch wide screens are kind of weird on there display, just as 19 inch lcd's are with 17's right?

Well anyway tell me what you think, and tell me of any other moniter you feel is great as well! Thanks!