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Thread: micro atx board with integrated video

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    My buddy has an old IBM box in a nice micro atx case which we would like to keep. We want to upgrade his motherboard to an Athlon XP based machine with on board video. We have checked out the ECS K7SEM and it looks nice, it's very cheap but it's getting old. With DDR at the same price as SDRAM a newer board is preferable.

    The ECS L7VMM looks really hot but no-one seems to be able to get one. Has anyone used an nVidia nForce board yet? Any recommendations for a micro atx all-in-one socket A motherboard? Thanks for your help!


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    well if you use the computer for games it is not good at all using onboard graphics. because they will steal some of your overall ram and quite often, are not good chipsets themselves. ie: a gf 2mx...other people will have more information of cpu cycles bla bla

    i would look for another Micro ATX board, without onboard video. some will have onboard sound, but you will need to have SOMETHING onboard because micro atx's only have 3 pci slots or so, limiting options and expansion.

    another option is, if you got the cash, to scrap the case and board, and go for the whole system. a ddr board with a athlon 1800+ xp for example would be good, with a geforce3 ti 200...

    or u could save up your money until AMD comes out with its new socket design, then go for it.

    either way, onboard video isnt a good idea for gaming, if thats what your into.

    good luck :thumb:
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