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Thread: Another noob asks about what to get to make a new comp.

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    Default Re: Another noob asks about what to get to make a new comp.

    Quote Originally Posted by amd_man2005 View Post
    C2D is great, the but the new AMD's aren't far behind and are much more efficient.
    coming from "amdman2005"

    seriously, i wish people would all agree and acknowlege that untill AMD pulls out a new ARCHITECTURE, not just a die shrink, that Intel' C2D will win, speed wise, and probably value-wise
    System Specs:
    AMD athlon 64 3200 venice @ 2.4ghz
    Asrock Dual-939SATA2
    Sapphire Radeon X800GTO2 chip r430 @ 480mhz core/540mhz mem with 1.6v vcore
    1gb Corsair XMS TwinX PC3200 timings 2-3-3-6 at 400mhz
    250gb Hitatchi deskstar T7K500 SATAII disk
    160gb samsung spinpoint PATA disk
    Asus 1608P2 DVD+/-RW Dual Layer
    Unbranded 500W PSU single 17A rail
    Innovatek and Asetek Watercooling (triple fan radiator)

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    Default Re: Another noob asks about what to get to make a new comp.

    Not value-wise. The cost of a decent Core 2 Duo-compatible LGA775 board is much higher than that of an AM2 counterpart, and AM2 currently leads in power consumption and performance per-watt. AM2 also has partial forwards compatibility with the next couple processor refreshes, while Intel will likely need a new chipset past Core 2 Quad.

    Kragt, you'll want something closer to 600W-650W if you want to avoid upgrading that particular component in the near future. A 500W would handle almost anything now, but you'll want to upgrade as you go along (you'll need to if you want this to last two years).

    Both AM2 and LGA775 are good options. I can't think of a good reason not to go with Core 2 Duo, though. AM2 might end up having better upgradability, but Core 2 Duo will upgrade to Core 2 Quad once that comes down in price enough for you, and that will hold you until at least 2009.

    The real problem is with the video card. If you get anything under $400, you'll be upgrading within 8-16 months. If you get a $400 card (specifically, an 8800GTS), you'll 3-9 months from now that you spent an extra $200 to be an early adopter of a mid-range card. If you actually plan on using Vista and getting DirectX 10 games when they come out, you'll want an 8800GTS, regardless of the huge premium.

    Get 2x1GB DDR2 RAM. DDR2 800 would be plenty.

    I'd recommend you grab a single, smallish (120-200GB) hard drive to start with. Upgrade as necessary.

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    Default Re: Another noob asks about what to get to make a new comp.

    Hi Kragt, I'm also getting parts for a computer, and believe me, it's not cheap.. especially if you're a first time buyer and you're wondering why these little pieces of metal and silicon cost hundreds of dollars..

    But I think that if you spend some time searching online for good prices and salvage some parts from older computers such as your case, peripherals, hard drive, cd/dvd roms and writers, and maybe even a psu (if it's at least 450W), you'd be able to get it well under your budget of 1300. Granted, if you use those parts, you'd want to upgrade those later, but at least you'd have a functioning and nearly up-to-par gaming machine without having to buy everything from scratch.

    This is a list of what I will be building.. feel free to copy!

    CPU: Intel e6300.. $150 on craigslist ($180 on newegg)
    MB: Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3.. $100 on craigslist ($146 on newegg)
    Memory: 1GB G. Skill DDR2 800 Dual-channel.. $110 on newegg
    GPU: I'm not sure yet.. but anything pci express costing about a $125
    PSU: Ultra V-Series 500w at Fry's electronics w/MIR= 40-40=FREE

    I have everything else.. I'm using an old case, old monitor, old hard drive, old speakers, keyboard, mouse, and cd/dvd writer.

    So far my cost is under $500. If you want to go with a new hard drive, more expensive gpu, nice case, psu, and cd/dvd writer, I'd say that's about another 3 or 400... so you'd still end up with around 8 or 900.

    Unless I'm totally wrong, you could build one hell of a computer with 1300..
    You wouldn't even have to skip out on getting a new monitor! With the extra 400 you could pick up a nice "22 inch LCD!

    Don't get me wrong.. I'm completely new at this, but I've been reading quite a bit on forums and tech articles, and it seems that if you're willing to build your own computer, you'll save quite a bit.. no need to fly into the thousands' range unless you absolutely have to have that 8800gtx, that quad-core processor, or that (fill in next-gen, cutting-edge component here)..

    Oh yeah! BTW, that 'plate thing' that you keep referring to is called an I/O plate.. haha I learned that just recently when I was installing my motherboard! heehee! :D

    well, happy building!

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