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Thread: GDDR2 512mb X1650Pro vs GDDR3 256mb x1650Pro

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    Default Re: GDDR2 512mb X1650Pro vs GDDR3 256mb x1650Pro

    If you can find one, they are making X1300 XT's that are using the X1600 core and DDR3 ram. They are underclocked X1600XT's and would be the best bang for the buck. They are supposed to be selling for around $100. And the 7600GS is a particularly bad card. Avoid it at all costs. If you can find one cheap enough, a 6800GS is also a great card.

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    Default Re: GDDR2 512mb X1650Pro vs GDDR3 256mb x1650Pro

    Like casecutter said the 6800gs are sweet cards I got one runnig right now and I max all my games with full 16x aniostropic filters and like 2x aa or 4x aa at 1280x1024 res but that also depends on the computer. Also the 6800gs beats the 7600gs and gt.
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    Default Re: GDDR2 512mb X1650Pro vs GDDR3 256mb x1650Pro

    You also may whant to consider a X850XT PE which is faster then all of those cards in most cases. The only downside is its inability to run Pixel shader 3.0. To me, all that means is I cant run 3dmark 06. This may be a bigger deal to some people though. If your not considering this card, I would go with a X1650XT with DDR3.
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