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Thread: geforce4 ti4200 or geforce3 ti500

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    I'm looking to buy a new video card and I would like to know which would be the better buy - geforce4 ti4200 or a geforce3 ti500.

    On the pricewatch site they are both going for the same price and would like to know which is the better performer.

    Buyer on a budget!!!

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    I'd probably go the Ti4200 if they are the same price - You could overclock the Ti4200 to Ti4400 or maybe even Ti4600 speeds if you were lucky.
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    as above.

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    I think I read in the reviews that the additional pipelines in the GF4 give it an advantage over the GF3 cards with the single pipelines. Theoretically, this would still be true at identical core and memory speeds. That alone would make the GF4 a better buy, even if they were a couple bucks more. If they are the same price, the GF4 is pretty much a given.

    A caveat about pricewatch: before you decide that a particular dealer has the best price, go to each site and see what a particular dealer packages with it. If the bundled stuff is or isn't any use to you, that may effect your feeling of the price. Also go through the site as if you were actually gonna complete your order and compare shipping. I have done orders where the part I was ordering was $8 more expensive, but I saved $15 on shipping.

    Just my $.02
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