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Thread: Step 2: Motherboards

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    I'm leaning towards this case:

    But nothing is set in stone. I plan on purchasing everything at once, as late as possible to get the best deal and price. That's why i'm taking my time and learning as much as possible now.

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    That case is ridiculous and completely impractical. A duct for the CPU and video card would provide lower temps without the ridiculous appearance of that thing and less noise. The cost alone is ridiculous. I mean, get what you like, but I can't see a valid reason for spending more than $50 USD on a case unless it's rack-mountable or SFF. I wouldn't spend more than a hundred unless it's both.

    Core 2 Duo is the way to go. It doesn't matter what application. The Gigabyte 965 boards are really good, and I don't think you'd see any benefit from SLI, so NV 680 is out. A 965 board will be well-priced and handle a good overclock, if you need it. My Gigabyte S3 (very similar to the popular DS3 -- which is a great board as well) is great, and has overclocked my E6300 to 2.8GHz so far. IIRC, it's basically a DS3 without good audio, so both would be recommended boards. I'll be getting a PCI sound card, so it was a non-issue and a low budget for me.

    You'll want 2GBs of of 667MHz or better RAM to go with it. The new 4300 as well as the 6300 and 6400 are all great, low-cost overclockers. Any of those plus a 965 board will do everything you need and more.
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