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Thread: Plan to build a new media pc - Please advice...

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    Default Plan to build a new media pc - Please advice...


    I am planning to build a new media pc with the following requirements:
    -) Quality
    -) Quiet
    -) Good ventilation
    -) Cool case (not tower ver but the horizontal one) with multimedia functions in front of it (play, stop, volume, ...) If exist soft parts in the 3,5" and 5,25" devices could be ideal (for eliminate vibration noise)...
    -) Remote control - Also able to open and close the pc with RC...!
    -) Main purpose to play TV, radio, videos and music
    -) Very good audio card!
    -) TV (analog and digital) and radio
    -) Media PC software

    Do you have any suggestions on what parts to use for building it?

    What media pc sw can I use? What is the preffered one?

    Thank you for your help
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    Well, I would start out with a Core 2 Duo platform.

    From the details, I get the feeling that this will not be used for gaming. You probably don't need the best video card (7600GT) and the processor doesn't need to be a speed demon.

    The Creative Audigy X-Fi sound card is very good and it should work in that system.

    When you ask about the software, are you talking about the operating system? Currently, Vista is too new and the problems are starting to show. Windows XP Pro works just fine for me. DO NOT GET XP MEDIA CENTER EDITION. It is almost the same as the normal XP's, but it costs a lot more. The difference between XP Pro and Home is very small. I would save some money and go with Home.

    I really don't like suggesting cases. There are soooo many choices and everyone has their preferences. Go to and browse the cases to get some ideas.

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    Default Re: Plan to build a new media pc - Please advice...

    Every media pc must have a sw for playing videos, music, show tv.... etc....

    That kind of sw I am speaking...

    Now if there is a full solution (os and media center sw) then I could give it a try...

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    Here are my favorite software programs:

    WM Player (almost required)
    Media Player Classic
    RealPlayer (required for RM files)
    Quicktime (required for mov and mp4)
    PowerDVD (my favorite for movies)


    I can't help you on the tv part.

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    Default Re: Plan to build a new media pc - Please advice...

    will do the following
    TV Guide,
    Scheduled recording, can use multiple cards across multiple pc's
    TV Series - for those who d/l tv series this is a must have.
    DVD & TV of course
    if you have dreambox/itgate (pay tv box) it will let you play that as well on your PC.

    its free & works well

    other software


    mythTV - linux, also free

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