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Thread: Predicament!

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    I don't care what you spend, there is not a surge protector on the planet that can guarantee protection. Spending more might be better, but still not much safer. No way to prevent it, it's only possible to lessen the chances. Your work probably has multiple protections in place plus data backups in case of a "worst case scenario".
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    Alright...after reading up on the P35s and DDR2 vs DDR3 performance. I went with what's in my updated sig.

    The apogee came with all of the mounting hardware for each socket type and I kept it so I'm good to go for some >3G overclocks!

    Thanks for the help...hurry up UPS!!
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    rectifying psu's actually regenerate the power signal so that it can't fail, we use these psu's on PC's, theatre, Critical Care Unit, Special Care Baby Unit and ICT server room. Any standard surge (ie not lightning) is removed or the circuit breakers fail. What it can't stop is a surge from a device on the same circuit after the ups, ie transformer on a modem blows and that could take out something else.

    the UPS's we use will stop the surges your talking about. We are a hospital and people die if the UPS doesn't do its job.

    Probably is that you have to maintain UPS's & test them regularly or may as well not have them.

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