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Thread: Power Supply unit (what to get)

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    Default Power Supply unit (what to get)

    I thought this link was worth posting since it lists the quality brand PSU's and gives some brief insight on purchasing a PSU.

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    Default Re: Power Supply unit (what to get)

    First of all, how did Fortron end up under "disputed brands?" Also, while some Thermaltake units are top quality (specifically the ones made by Seventeam, and the Heroichi/HEC/Compucase made ones are decent as well), but most are crap. This author really needs to realize most companies don't make their own supply's. For example, Win-Tact makes the PC P&C Turbocool units, Sventeam makes the nicer Thermaltake and MGE units, Seasonic makes the Silencers, Corsairs, and Antec Neo HE. CWT makes the Xclio and Antec units (except HE), and the list goes on and one. What I find funny in this article is that many that he considers to be top quality are made by the same people that make some of them mentioned in his not recommended list. The Xclio and Antec is a perfect example. The Xclio is a great unit. Not up there with PC P&C, Seasonic, Corsair, Silverstone, Etasis, Zippy, but still a quality unit. Definitely not worth of "Low Quality" status. Looks like the author just ran through prices and looked for PSU's that appeared "cheap" without having any idea who the OEM really is, or anything else about the unit in particular. I particularly love how TOPOWER is on the not recommended list, but mushkin is on the recommended list. The only decent mushkin units out there are the ones made BY Topower. You know what else Topower made? The OCZ Powerstreams and Tagan units, both of which are on the recommended list.

    Now that I got that out of my system the rest of the article isn't bad. Definitely first figure out what you intend to power, and stick to good brands. It definitely helps to research the OEM as well.

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    Default Re: Power Supply unit (what to get)

    You gotta take all articles like this with a grain of salt. There is no way I would call that a definitive guide to buying a PSU, but it does better than most. Atleast there is no foolish power calculator telling you that you need 600W+ for a system like mine. There are so many factors to consider when buying one that you can't just use one source to decide with. My $.02.
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