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Thread: Buying new box but with VERY limited cash.

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    Default Buying new box but with VERY limited cash.

    Okay... So if you might have read my "For Sale" post on TT forums a long time back, I have sold my rig for US$ 300. I will also sell my laptop to those "M.I.P" guys who will dispose of it. (Aww, Man!)

    I expect to have a total cash for a new box to be just US$ 420 when me and our whole family migrates to Ontario the end of this month.

    Searching at Tiger Direct, The parts where kind of expensive, and my parents kinda don't care (No! Not that I hate and blame them, I fully understand that migrating is a hard job, and conditions will be hard at first.)

    So, can anyone help me in selecting the right stuff? I can Overclock CPUs and Video cards, but no experience of O/Cing memory.
    • Motherboard: Future Proof, SLI ready, DDR2, SATA II, RAID, nForce 5 or 6, O/C in BIOS.
    • PSU: Included in the case... Read on.
    • CPU: Dual Core please
    • Monitor: Strictly LCD, I dont like flickering CRTs.
    • Case: Oooh, I found one here!
    • Hard Drive: SATA II
    • Video Card: GeForce 7 or 8
    • Keyboard, Mouse and Speaker: Nice! Found one here!
    • DVD Drive: Must burn DVD +/- R, RW, Etc.
    Note: The list in the upper one may be quite extravagant, but who knows? I might get a "boost."

    P.S: I play 3d Videogames, so I might need something more than 20 FPS. (My old rig did that)

    Oh, Keep it legal. I want Windows XP PRO, but I want it 100% legal. No pirated for me! (Have Win XP OEM, but it is non-transferrable)

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    Default Re: Buying new box but with VERY limited cash.

    OK, for one, DO NOT shop at Tigerdirect. Use NCIX or if you want to pick it up locally, go to CanadaComputers.

    You can get this:

    for about $400-420CAD and it is complete. You'll still need a monitor, but that is about the cheapest complete dual core system I could find. It is onboard video, but it does have a free PCI-E 16X slot so you can add a video card later.

    They have a single core AMD64 system for $315 and that too would kick serious ass over what you had in gaming and even leave some $$$ for a monitor.

    Anyway you look at it, for $420US, you'd be best off buying a used system for now and you are almost certainly gonna be stuck with a CRT monitor. Once you are here in Canada, post again and I will help you find something. I am also in Ontario so I have a decent idea where to shop around here.
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