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Thread: new parts ordeal

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    Smile new parts ordeal

    hi im looking to upgrade the next few weeks and im wondering what graphics cards to put in the new system

    my choice of parts are :

    Q6600 go steppin model

    Crucial 2GB Kit (2x1GB) Ballistix Memory DDR2 PC2-8500 5-5-5-15 Unbuffered NON-ECC DDR2-1066MHz 2.2V 128Meg x 64

    now all i need is the motherboard and cards to go with it am lookin to have sli setup but dont know what board to go 4
    also im stickin to this memory as i can get it for cheap and its in ACCORDANCE TO THE BUS SPEED OF THE QUAD CORE

    also wonderin will they be cancelin dx9 outof games in the next year o 2 as im stuck 4 choice am lookin to have 2 x 512mb xfx 8600gt
    but if dx9 isnt gettin cancelled in the next year or two will look to have 2 x 512mb x1950 cards as these are 256 bit and at the same price now

    also have been lookin at a certain board

    Gigabyte motherboard GA-P35-S3 Intel P35 Express LGA775 1333 FSB Quad-Core / Core2 Duo DDR2 ATX

    is that any good for what i want it 4 and is everything compatable


    i am a serious gamer just cant afford latest cards
    not that i cant afford them just dont want to pay silly prices for cards
    gods sake i got a mrs and kid to support

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    Default Re: new parts ordeal

    another p.s.

    am lookin to have 2 x 8600 not 1 8800gts although near the same price as i want them 4 multitasking

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    Default Re: new parts ordeal

    its going to take a while for dx10 games to come out so I wouldn't worry too much about dx10 yet.

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