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Thread: Some Question Regarding Soon To Be Built PC

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    Hello all,

    Just got some questions regarding my soon to be built new pc.
    Thanks in advance for any replies.

    1. Specifications.

    AMD AthlonXP 1800+ Retail
    Dr. Thermal TI-V77K-25 7CM X 25MM
    GigaByte GA-7VRXP VIA KT333 RAID
    KingMax 256M DDR333 (PC2700)
    Maxtor 80G 7200RPM ATA133
    Panasonic Floppy Drive
    LiteOn LTD163 DVD
    LiteOn 40125S ReWriter
    LeadTek GeForce4 MX440 64M DDR A170-DDRT
    Using Onboard Sound
    Volcano 56K Modem
    Altec Lansing AVS300
    ATX GHOST 300W
    Samsung 15" 151S Silver LCD

    Any comments?

    2. I know that retail pack of AthlonXP comes with a fan, I am just wondering if it is good enough? I am gonna buy a another fan just in cae, as the retail pack only cost four dollars extra. (Shouldn't it cost more?) I am not planning on oc, just basic web surfing, word processing, programming and no games.
    Couple of months ago, I heard quite a few people saying that Dr. Thermal fans are quite good, so I was just wondering if anyone's tried it?

    3. The Nanya DDR cost roughly 20 bucks less, should I stick with Kingmax? Just that I've heard Kingmax is supposingly the "best". Yeah, and Kingston cost a friction higher than the Nanya.

    4. I don't need a new PC straight away, but roughly in two months time, so should I do it now, or wait?
    Is there anything worth waiting for in two months time (Apart from price changes)? Such as a new VIA chip?

    5. Is there a need to get extra case fans? I know that the case I've chosen allows three extra fans to be installed, but not sure about the mobo support and what size of fan is allowed with the case. Is there a standard size, and how do you choose a good case fan, coz some of them cost 8 dollars, some cost twice as much.

    Thanks a lot!

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    If you're not overclocking, that retail heatsink will work fine usually. If you must purchase a different 'sink, I suggest something like the Vantec CCK-6027D. Pretty good clip, copper cooler, 5500RPM fan (a little loud, but not too bad)

    Also, I'd invest in a name brand power supply with at least 350W or better. Good names are Antec, Sparkle and Enermax.

    The current Via chipset (KT333)-based boards should be a tad more mature by the time you buy your parts, and probably a tad cheaper. With the Athlon stuck at a 266MHz bus, the 333MHz capabilities of the KT333 go nearly wasted unless you overclock.

    If you're not overclocking and want good stuff, you cannot go wrong with Crucial. I've used Infineon and Samsung, and those are good brands as well. PNY sucks if you try to do any mem tweaking at all--and it costs the same as other, better brands.

    The standard case fan size is 80mm. I use Antec fans, and I've had 1 die out of quite a bit.

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