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Thread: Need some Advice on Dvd Drives

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    Default Need some Advice on Dvd Drives

    Okay my spare system old CD-ROM is going to hell. So i am going to put my Lite-On DVD-ROM & DVD Burner in there and get me a new set for myself. Looking at more then likely going to pick up a DVD-ROM & Burner to go with it. Reason being like that so i don't use the Burner 100% of the time.

    I know Lite-On use to be the stuff, But heard there not so great anymore. But i've Heard Sony NEC and Pioneer was good DVD Drives. But notice the Top Sellers @ Newegg is Lite-On, Samsung, Pioneer, Asus, & Sony NEC seem to be close to the top.

    Well my Question really is mostly what is the best out there?

    Just want a nice good very reliable & stable drives. That will work day in and day out if need be without giving me crap about it. Don't really want to pay overpriced Plextor prices if it can be done.

    So if anybody could please give me some feedback and let me know, Would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Need some Advice on Dvd Drives

    I have had no problems with any of them. I recently bought several Lite-On DVD burners for the older computers here at work and have not had any problems at all. Given that most cost about the same and will likely give similar performance, just get whatever makes you feel good.

    I would like to hear from some folks, though, regarding the SATA burners. I haven't tried these yet and will likely go that route when I rebuild my forensics machine. Are there any issues with these?
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    Default Re: Need some Advice on Dvd Drives

    I have used nothing but SATA DVD burners in all my builds for the last nine months.I don't feel that they are any faster, I just prefer the simpler cable routing.
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    Default Re: Need some Advice on Dvd Drives

    Okay i'm bringing this thread back to life, Since this post i had bought Lite-On..

    But I'm really starting to wonder on couple things, I'm burning a bunch of discs. I mean it's gone insane since last i did this post, doing alot of stuff for friends on backup stuff and file sharing etc. DVD and CD

    All my CD's and Movies i buy i make copies of them so i don't use the store boughts so they dont get trashed i use the Burned copies. Friends are also having me do the same thign to there movies they buy as i am. Which i dont mind, But it's still useage on the drives.

    but since i'm going through so many discs the burners are starting to get wore out quick fast and in a hurry.

    From today's stuff, What is the best brand out there to hold up with the constant useage? roughly just figure about 75 - 100 discs (dvd/cd) a month. sometimes lower, alot lower other times right at or maybe few more.

    Now unlike this post i'm wondering on brand name of DVD-R and CD-R. I don't ever burn at max speed because of i always want a good hard deep burn onto the discs, So what would the best brand be for holding up with constant use? I'm always kinda gone with whatever i can grab easily off a shelf and called it good. So not sure if it still dont matter for that or if there is better ones then others.

    Any help would be helpful thanks, Also if i not making sense or need me to answer some stuff please let me know. Thanks.

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