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Thread: Is this computer fine?

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    Default Is this computer fine?

    Athlon X2 4200+ (Already bought)
    GA-M61PME-S2 (Already bought)
    4GB PC6400 (To buy)
    Seagate 500GB (To buy)
    Chaintech 9600GT 512MB (To buy)
    500W Power Supply
    Now this configuration is all my pocket can handle at the moment, and I'm wondering if all these components get along fine when I buy them all and assemble the computer? Don't want to discover that something is incompatible with another when I try to turn the computer on.
    And also, how noticeable will the performance difference be from this PC, that I currently have and hate -
    Celeron 2,4
    Seagate 160GB
    Geforce 6600GT

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    Default Re: Is this computer fine?

    The Athlon 64 X2 4200 may be a bit slow these days but will still be much better than your current CPU. My biggest concern is that you do not mention what type of power supply and threw it on the end of the list like an afterthought. A power supply is probably the most important part and should be of good quality. Personally I'd start out with a bit more juice than 500 watt simply because you will need more if you ever upgrade that system.
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    Default Re: Is this computer fine?

    I'll be getting a decent PSU.
    Anyways, what am I to expect from this build? Will I pull old games on MAX and newer ones on medium settings? Will I enjoy multiple applications without stutter?

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    Default Re: Is this computer fine?

    What kind of games do you intend to play?
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    Default Re: Is this computer fine?

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