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Thread: Need to build ultra cheap non-gaming PC (already have memory, monitor and XP Pro)

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    Question Need to build ultra cheap non-gaming PC (already have memory, monitor and XP Pro)

    Primary goal:

    Build a non-gaming PC that will last years for a friend that just got laid off, and all for around $200. Am willing to pay a little more if it's absolutely necessary. But obviously want to keep the price as low as possible.

    Primary uses:

    Microsoft Office (Outlook, Access, Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
    Net Browsing
    Yahoo Games and other flash games

    -Would like ability to upgrade easily in future (1 to 2 years later), such as more memory, CPU or a gaming GPU.
    -Does not need a ton of storage.
    -Already have monitor, CDRW, XP Pro and 1gb of PC667 DDR2.

    So I basically need:

    Mobo (that uses DDR2)
    GPU (unless the onboard is good enough)

    All this for around $200.

    Thanks in advance for help.

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    Default Re: Need to build ultra cheap non-gaming PC (already have memory, monitor and XP Pro)

    I would recommend building an AMD system then.
    One thing, can he reuse the case he has? If so, then that saves ~$30....
    AsRock MoBo $54
    2.7GHz Athlon 64 X2 $60
    Rosewill MicroAtx Case $28
    with a place for a front mount 120mm fan for future
    Power supply is going to be iffy, you get what you pay for here, for sure.
    Thermaltake 430W PSU $36

    If he doesn't game, why a GPU?
    Sapphire 2400 ATI $33

    At $200 budget, there isn't a lot of room for Future-proofing. This system is a dual core CPU with a decent GPU that can more than handle Flash gaming and is DX10 compatable.

    I thought I could come up with a parts list for you, but now I don't think I can. Notice that there is no HDD on the list....

    If he reused his HDD and Case then you could get this rig running for around $185, not counting shipping. Also, these are all Retail parts. You might be able to find things at Ebay or some place like that... heck, you might be able to find a used system for sale around that price.

    Anyway, Good Luck to you, mostly though GOOD LUCK TO YOU FRIEND. I hope he finds some work soon... being laid off is the sux.
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