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Thread: Building New System

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    Question Building New System

    Hey, all I'm new here, just recently registered lol.

    Unfortunately I won't be able to go all out core i7 12 gigs of RAM like I wanted no thanks to car troubles taking up a good deal of the money I had saved lol.

    The build is gonna be the 955 Phenom II B.E.
    HT Omega Claro Halo XT
    1TB hard drive, had to go with regular no SSD or Raptor for me :(
    PC Power and Cooling 860Watt single 12v PS with 62 or 64 amps if I'm not mistaken
    Plextor DVD writer/Bluray reader not writer, don't care or need that right now I have an external 8TB NAS box for storage ATM.
    Antec 1200 case
    since I'm running a Phenom I can only use dual channel DDR3 so 8GB not 12 but hopefully 8 will do me fine.

    I do game yes but I wouldn't say I'm an enthusiast or extreme gamer. But this is more cause I"m gonna finish my animation degree online which will save me on some money, less to pay off later yay lol.

    My question is, as I have yet to buy a mobo or GPU/s yet but what will run some of the stuff better Nvidia or ATI? From my understanding not much supports CUDA, Cs4 I hear does but not sure what to make of it. I've heard it's iffy like 50/50 some say it's great some say it's not worth it as Nvidia hasn't worked all the bugs out or the programmers of said software haven't or both. I'll also use Maya and 3dMax etc so should I just go Nvidia or do ATI cards work with those at all or well?

    I was leaning more towards green this time so let's say; unless something compelling shows ATI can do it just as well in those other apps other than Adobe's, I'm gonna go green I have about 500-600 to spend on card/cards. First do those apps yet support multi-GPU yet. I would look but my net sucks ATM and it goes out constantly. If not then no need to get dual if they won't benefit. I was thinking of either a 295 or 2 275s in SLi but if those apps won't really use GPU and are strictly CPU based then I may just get a single 285 the 2GB one. As for gaming I'll use my TV, it's a 37inch 1080p 120Hz set for the TV part not sure if the card will run it 120Hz. So basically the 1920x1200 so a single 285 should be enough. The reason I'll get the 2GB model is RAM may not do much over 1GB for games but it will help for projects and using these other apps.

    Don't bother suggesting a QUADRO, no can do unfortunately unless good ones in the 500-600 range can outdo the desktop line with Maya, and all the other apps I will be using. I would've gone that route if my car didn't need so many parts to fix it lol. Was looking at the 5800 sadly it's a dream now lol.

    Sorry if this is a bit long, I'd appreciate any help or suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Building New System

    I suppose it's just as well that no one answered yet lol.

    A friend cut me in on a deal and sold me; for pretty cheap I might add one of his GTX 285s, still new he never got to use it yet, so I decided to just get 2 more of those for TRI-SLi for games and folding but if apps don't support it and such then I guess for that I'll shut SLi off then re-enable it for game time.

    Good thing I have 12GB of RAM lol for those puppies, they're the 2GB models mind you. But then Vista and so far as I know upcoming 7 don't mirror the RAM, XP does though for whatever reason. Almost defeats the purpose of a GPU having it's own RAM if it takes the same capacity from system RAM.


    If someone does know any benches between desktop level graphics for Maya, 3dMax and Adobe's CS etc.... that would be great to help my friend, I'm not sure if Nvidia is actually better in all those or not.
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