Welcome to my post. My russel i recently created a youtube channel for products review, and also probly for some tutorials and answering your questions via video response. For now the youtube channel page is pretty much blank at the moment since i don't really have any product samples to review. But i recently contacted a couple of manufacturer they told me to build up my youtube channel and get a good amount of viewers and subscribers and a good reputation then they can start sending me products. So thats why i need your help, please visit my youtube channel Youtube.com/pccomtech and subscribe please and tell everyone about it because the more subscribers i have the sooner i can get those review samples, but for now i will probably doing a couple of tutorials and answering questions. By the way if you's have any suggestions for my upcoming vids like what tutorials should give something like that just send me an e-mail. Also if have any computer related questions or need any advice on anything related to computer's just send me an e-mail.

Thank's your time

E-mail me at: pccomtech@ hotmail.com