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Thread: Best 23" Monitor

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    Default Best 23" Monitor

    I'm going to give my current 20 inch monitor to my wife and upgrade for myself. I was wondering if anyone could give me a great choice for 23 inch size, preferably with 4-3 aspect ratio (I hate the widescreens). This monitor is for gaming so I'd like something on the higher end without going nuts.


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    Default Re: Best 23" Monitor

    I think you might have to buy used if you want a 4:3 aspect ratio computer monitor, plus I can't remember seeing many 4:3 aspect ratio LED screens much larger than 19" when they were common.
    I'd like to find some larger 4:3 aspect ratio LED screens as well. I use them with Jamma boards in arcade cabinets since those boards are not designed for wide screens. LED's are much easier to mount than taking apart the casing to a big heavy CRT screen and building a mount for it, but the price of LED's are not cheap compared to picking up a used 21" CRT screen for $10. Chances are there are still plenty of CRT monitors around if you look in your local used for sale adds.

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