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Thread: New Build for friend but on somewhat of a budget

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    Default New Build for friend but on somewhat of a budget

    As the thread says, I'm helping my friend Sean build a new machine or helping him buy one cause with his budget of 1,100-1,200 USD at most he might not really be able to save much by building his own or getting anything better than most pre-builds for around 1k

    His old system died lol, his Internet use is tied to his iPhone now lol. That's his only way of connecting lol.

    His old system was a Phenom 9600 Agena but it completely fried and died, power surge and it melted his board and CPU all but blew up so it's gone gone for good.

    He has an UPS and surge protection stuff now but due to his budget he hasn't many options. I'm curious as to what CPUs would be as good or better than the Phenom 9600 2.3Ghz quad core?

    He mostly does games and media, some video work, mostly HD now but some SD but only 720p HD not 1080 or beyond. He is a beginning photographer not super pro yet and does that too. I myself don't know everything about every CPU just ones I more or less used and my own experience but to help him in researching all options. What CPU's would be at least as good as that in performance or better, keep in mind he has the limited 1,200 USD at the very most budget? I don't think any of the i5 dual cores would be a good option as logically a dual core typically won't be as nice as a quad but I suppose it depends on the apps you use.

    He likes Intel a bit more over AMD but not a fan or hardcore fan of either, but seeing his budget it seems AMD is more or less a likely option as I haven't seen too many QUAD i7 Intel machines for his range that are decent or they disappear off say newegg really quick lol.

    I don't know if an i5 or Dual Core; even if new would be a good choice as it might be a slight downgrade in performance. He's not an overclocker really so unless he took it to like 4GhZ I can't see an i5 stomping the quad, even older first gen phenom's, but maybe I'm wrong.


    BTW, just so you guys know I was mainly referring to the dual core i5's not being a step up from the first gen phenom's in performance since it was a quad. I know the i5 quad core will beat the first gen phenom, it's even higher clocked lol
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    Default Re: New Build for friend but on somewhat of a budget

    Perhaps this link would give you an idea

    YouTube - iBuypower AMD PC under $1000

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