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Thread: Upgrading Old Computer

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    hi all

    i'm recently been thinking about doing a upgrade on my comp hardware.
    heres my current box:

    P3 600Mhz
    192 SD RAM
    32mb Nvida TNT2 3d card
    Soundblaster Live sound Card
    Intel Motherboard

    as you see, i got this system OEM - through gateway - some years ago when i was a bit ignorant of computers

    i'm hoping on some advice as to what would be a compatible CPU to upgrade to (as i think my CPU is using the old coppermine core, which means i cannot use some of the p3s unless i get a new motherboard - plz confirm?).

    i'm also hoping to get a new vid card - hopefully the new Radeon when it comes out <drools>

    anyway.... any advice?

    <edit> just tell me what i can get, budget is whatever i can afford when the school ends for this term :D

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    Jonny it would be much better to live with that a little longer and plan on building a whole new system. ;)

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    Yeah your in the same boat as me:

    P3 600mhz
    384 pc-100 ram
    The rest isnt worth mentioning

    Pile 'O' Junk

    I'm taking it out for target practice :rolleyes:

    And getting a brand spanking new comp.


    P.S. Like my new avatar :?:.

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    hrrmm... thx for the advice...

    hehe... if i dont' get upgrades... i can't play the latest games :cry:

    i'll think it over....

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    Well first of all gateway computers arent the most pleasent to upgrade, general rule of thumb is dont mess with stuff in OEM's all hell could break loose, second of all, you could upgrade some of that stuff, im guessing the faster processor you could put in that would be a 1.1GHZ coppermine, and you could add some more ram, and upgrade that vid card, but its all wasted money really, since the P3 is dead technology, and PC133 SDRam is going nowhere either, your investing in dead technology, and it wont give you all that great of a performance boost either. As wiggo said you are much better off saving up and buying a new PC altogether.

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