yup, first time here [=

I am gonna go for my very first build (I think I deserve an upgrade now =P ).

[4tehlulz] my current system is an IBM with an Intel celeron CPU, 128MB of RAM, 20GB Maxtor HHD, 200W PSU, dial-up 56k modem, CD-R drive + floppy drive [/4tehlulz]

(I have a nice laptop tho =P )

I'm on a budget so I'm tryin' to get the most out of each penny. I'm gonna make this system last long enough so I want to get decent stuff.
I'd love to know your points of view and get a little knowledge/expertise droplets from you ppl.

First off, it'll be a home 'puter. I produce music with programs like reaktor, play videogames from time to time (not online heavy duty ones, tho), crawl the web, and use simple soft like WinAmp and such for music/movies/etc.

I will use this 'puter on stock speeds, although I may be kickin' it a tad in the future, not much since system-longevity is my main priority.

This is the system I have planned:


_CPU-    Intel Core i3-530

_RAM-    G.SKILL ECO (2x 2GB) DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)

_PSU-    Seasonic X-400

_HDD-    Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST3250318AS 250GB

_Case-   InWin Dragon Slayer
I already got some goodies for free from my nephew's old system. Now I'm feedin' the good ol' celeron with 768MB of RAM and I got a nice Sony DRU-720A [= so for that one drive I'm covered.

I have a few questions:

is everything compatible with everything?
can I use these RAM sticks with this CPU?
will this PSU REALLY fit in this case with no problems (as I have read before)?

thx SO much in advance to all of you pplz [=