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Thread: Gaming setup - Advice please!

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    Default Gaming setup - Advice please!

    Hi guys, I've just found this website, it's great!

    I'm doing some research on a gaming PC I want to setup, so far this is what I am thinking of:

    12gb ram


    1 gtx580
    Crossfire 6970.

    I own a 23 inch monitor (1920x1080) that I'll use with it, so I plan to game on it's native resolution. No need for Eyefinity or anything like it.

    What do you guys think? Should I consider something else on the processor, or the gpus?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Gaming setup - Advice please!

    That setup will work nicely for you. The GTX580 is one sweet card and I am not sure without doing some research if you will gain anything by CF the AMD cards or not.
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    Default Re: Gaming setup - Advice please!

    The 2600K has Dual channel support, you now have a tripple channel RAM choice.

    Could better get some high-end 8GB (1600+ MHz) RAM, really, where do you need 12GB for?

    If you are only gaming, 2600K is a waste, get a 2500K since you won't use the benefits of the 2600K.

    If the 1080p monitor is the only screen you are gaming on, why Crossfire? Totally overkill.
    Even one HD6970 can max out any game on the market, on that resolution.

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