Thanks guys.... when i went to the store and took a look at what they had, They had only 4 types a HSF:

Generic HSF
Dragon orb3
OCZ Gladiator
Volcano 6cu+

Well you can scratch that generic.... and OMG is that Dragon Orb ever heavy!!!!!! Probally rip my socket right off my board..
the Gladiator is what the sales guy was pushing.. and i know why: It looks nice and performs awsome but for 65$ + gst i just don't have that kinda money.. so i took home that Volcano 6cu+ for 30 bucks..
over the last week i cut a 80mm hole over my proc and put a fan there..
with this fan and the new HSF I dropped approx 12 deg.. Good enough for me!!!

I would have ordered from bigfoot computers.. but all i have is mastercard (which they take) but thier shipping company does not take mastercard.. so.. i just went local..

in all ty to all who replied to this post.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: