Hard drive prices are still quite high, see http://forums.tweaktown.com/storage-...-flooding.html. Last July I bought a Samsung HD204UI 2TB sata2 drive for $80. Current price is $180. Prices over the next 3 - 9 months should slowly drop closer to former price levels. I've had excellent results with Western Digital Black drives.

A 750 - 850 watt power supply will be fine. You might be able to get by with a 650 watt psu for an overclocked SLI setup. I prefer Seasonic made power supplies. Some Antec and XFX power supplies are made by Seasonic. Corsair AX or HX models are their top of the line models, and their TX models have somewhat lower prices and efficiency, and good performance . Power supplies made by SuperFlower in the past year are top of the line also. Kingwin is the only brand in the U.S. that I'm aware of that are made by SuperFlower. Before you buy any power supply check to see how well it performs by reading reviews from the following web sites:
  • JonnyGuru
  • HardwareSecrets
  • HardOCP
  • TechPowerUp
A web search using: usb 3.0 front panel connector
should provide links to front panel kits.

Good luck with your new build.