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Thread: Christmas and Birthday Wish List

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    I'm currently planning to purchase parts to construct another PC, however, I'm on a rather tight budget. It will be a pure gaming machine. I'm surmising that I'll have at least $700 to use.

    Processor: Currently, I'm considering AMD as the manufacturer. It will have to be at least above 1.7 ghz and compliable with future upgrades as listed herein and upgrades aside from that.
    Motherboard: One that would compliment my processor, RAM, video card, etc as much as possible.
    Video card: The very least, a geforce ti 4400 or a radeon 9700.
    Harddrive: At least 60-80 gigs. Something like a WD 8MB cache hdd.
    PSU: High quality, but low price.
    RAM: 256 DDR RAM. High quality, low price, compliable with all aforementioned products.

    CD-ROM drive: Anything above 50x
    Sound card: Which is the best of the Audigy line for gaming? Of course, there is a gaming card, but I've seen numerous times where conventional cards beat gaming cards.
    Ethernet adapter: Looking for one capable of high transfer speeds.

    All and all, I need high quality hardware that completely compliments my gaming needs for the future.

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    Well personally I recommend Leadtek as the video card mfg.

    Ram the cheapest ram I have really seen that is still HIGH (practically highest) has GOT TO BE crucial. Definitly has to be crucial.

    A cheap PSU I guess fortron source is pretty cheap but I haven't gotten into power supplies much and personally don't see how quality affects anything.

    HD I would most definitly get the WD special addition. I don't have one myself but WANT ONE.

    As for sound card? There is no difference between any of them except for the name/hardware/software included. Certain ones will have a bit more hardware/software included in them. This was the way it was with the Live series also.

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    hmm, if you only have @ 700 dollars you might want to rethink a couple fo things.

    Video Card- 9700 is out (will take at least $300 of budget)

    I would go with something like this:

    VC- LEADTEK|GF4 TI4200BK 128M (@ 165)
    Mobo- Epox board, like the EP-8K5A3+ (@ 120)
    RAM- Samsung Original DDR333 PC-2700 (@ 78)
    HD- WD 8MB Cache 80GB 7200RPM EIDE (@ 102)
    PSU- ENERMAX 350W Power supply (@ 60)
    CPU Cooling- Thermaltake VOLCANO 7+. (@ 38)

    And that is around $650, and would be a good system, I think!

    When making this list I was assuming that you were talking about USDollars! All the prices were look up at, which is where I ordered my new computer from....
    they are great and I highly recommend them!!!!

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    Thanks a lot, guys! I'm assuming that those prices will decrease by at least 10-30% by the time Christmas is here as well. The video card will definitely be at least Geforce Ti 4400 or 4600. The 4200 pales in comparison to both of them. If I could, I would get the radeon 9700! I might be able to, however.

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    Most definitly. WIth AMD comming out with there new processors (BAH NO HAMMER!!!) athlonxp's will definitly drop in price. Atleast those based on polomino. As for the video cards. If Nvidia releases NV30 by the time of the holidays then that geforece 4 will have its price tumble!

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