I am looking at getting a new headset for gaming, and was looking on newegg and found this thing call Pro Certified Products:

Newegg.com - Pro Certified IO

It seems like it is a company that does product application testing? Or certification?

I went to their website ( www.procertifiedproducts.com ) and they state:

‘Pro Certified has developed specifications for a range of products to help consumers determine if a particular product will meet their needs. Specifically, the Pro Certified Products certification assures that the product meets a minimum level of performance for a product's marketed application. For example, if a Headset is marketed as a ‘Gaming’ Headset and has the Pro Certified Products certification, then that product has met the Pro Certified Products Gaming application spec and you can rest assured that it is good for gaming.’

So, I think this is the first time that someone is trying to certify that a product’s application is valid.
How valuable is this?

I am sure there are a bunch a manufactures that take a product, and want to go after the gaming market and so they slap the ‘Gaming’ word on the product and try to sell it.

I think for experienced consumers, this is not as important, but if you were new to gaming then knowing that a product met a minimum spec and could truly be called a gaming product could be valuable.