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Thread: Getting ide cables to reach

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    K I may just be being stupid, but how the hell do u get the bloody ide cables to reach? I have 2 hard drives and 2 cd drives. I have read that the two hard drives should be masters on separate channels and that means that the cd drives have to be slaves. However as the master has to be on the end of the ide cable and the ide connectors on the mobo are near the hard drives at the bottom of the case, how the hell do i get the cable up to the cd drives and then all the way back to the hard drives.... this is driving me crazy. Obviously i can just connect the 2 hard drives together etc but is this less efficient? I have tried buying the longest cable i can find which is 0.5 m but the length is mainly between the mobo and slave drive which is useless as the distance is mainly between the slave and the master.


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    Default've tried the longest cable?

    First off the distance between the slave and master on a cable (ANY cable) is very short compared to the length of system to master/slave.

    Secondly if I had two harddrive and two cd-roms, I would set up the harddrives as master and slave on primary and cd-rom as master and slave on secondary. CD-ROM's are MUCH slower then ahrd drives and I guess it might be possible to take more bandwidth and the system has to slow down to allow the cd-rom to catch up to speed. I have one HDD and two cd-roms'. The HDD is on primary and cd-rom's on secondary. Doing this will allow the master/slave to have both drives which would pose the "close togheterh" and the same thing with the cd-roms. Hope this helps.

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    I have 2 hard drives and 2 cd drives. I have read that the two hard drives should be masters on separate channels and that means that the cd drives have to be slaves
    I always had the idea that putting a harddrive on a channel with a CDRom will degrade performance much more than putting 2 harddrives on the same channel.

    Anyhow in regards to your question, you CAN get longer IDE cables, i ran into this mess when i bought my Antec SX835II, since the case is so big, and the connectors on my mobo were so far down i could reach em using the IDE cables i had. What i can say is

    1) Try putting your CDroms in the lowest 5.25" drive bays, see if this helps

    2) Try to find a shop that sells long round IDE cables. You can get some really long rounded IDE cables, try using those.

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    It is not a good idea to put an optical device as a slave to a hard drive. As Ehhe Yebeb said above, it will degrade the performance of the hard drive. Since they run at faster speeds, being chained to a slower CD will slow down all system performance scores.

    The best bet is to run both hard drives on IDE Channel #1 and both optical devices on IDE Channel #2.
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    Okay thanks guys will do that

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    dont forget when you buy rounded cables that they are...

    Twisted wiring

    Shielded with Aluminum/Copper Mesh

    If it does not say it,do not believe it!!!

    It is EsSeNtIaL that you get cables with these both!!

    Otherwise you will get cross-talk from between the wires and you will have drives diasppearing :laugh:

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