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Thread: New potential rig

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    Default New potential rig

    Hi there i was looking for any help etc with picking parts for a new build. I am basically looking to build a system capable of running bf4 on mid settings with a good frame rate. Here is a list of what I plan on ordering any changes or suggestions are welcome although my budget is about 1000 so this must be taking into account.

    Coolermaster cm 690 dominator case
    Corsair gs 700w gaming edition psu
    Gigabyte z87x d3h board 1150 haswell port
    Intel i5 4670k 3.4ghz(haswell)
    16gb Geil evo veloce hot rod red ram ddr3 2133 mhz
    Msi Geforce gtx 760 twin frozr
    Samsung 120gb ssd 840 Evo (awaiting avaliability)
    wd caviar black 1tb hd
    Akasa ak venom voodoo cooler

    All coming in at 1000 does this build look ok to all the thoughts behind the i5 haswell is the 100 difference with price on the i7 plus future proofing for upgrade later on.


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    Default Re: New potential rig

    Guru3D says 760 MSI's did 56fps with 4x MSAA enabled, 16x AF enabled 1200p BF3. I read somewhere in overclocknet 770 GTX did minimum 32fps and 43fps and 760's nemesis HD 7950 suffered 24fps min and average 30fps humiliation with 4x msaa on BF4 Alpha. A large gap but they say the alpha stage BF4 doesn't reflect the final product as it might be toned down then again if it does, 760 is at lost.

    I'm just a budget minded gamer, looking at your wishlist hey that's way more than average fps you might be getting.

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    Default Re: New potential rig

    Yeah, that's a nice above average setup. I am a budget minded gamer/builder and I tend to stick with the 660 or 760 lines because they are more economical. And really, unless you're worried about the number those cards do great. Now having said that, if you have a little extra cash to spend it doesn't hurt to get a little better card but don't feel like you *need* it. You can always tweak the settings as I'm sure you know haha.

    Anyway, that sounds like a great setup for BF4. PedangGila had some really good info there and I agree that you can't really worry too much about the particulars of card compatibility until the game launches.

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    Default Re: New potential rig

    Your ideas look pretty good. Here are my suggestions :-)

    I don't know if your case is going to be on display or under a desk, but if it's the 2nd option, I'd consider this case Casecom 6788 Black Mid Tower ATX Case PSU (not included) | instead as it's far cheaper and excellent value for money. Another good money saver would be to re-spec the RAM to 1600 which is about 50% cheaper - I'm pretty certain you won't notice any real-world difference with the lower speed RAM. The power is over-specced unless you're planning on SLI/Crossfire (which I don't recommend - I've tried this with a pair of 560ti cards and it's not worth the bother even with some future proofing idea in mind for later). And finally, for the extra 10-20 or so (I'm in the UK) I would bump up the HDD to 2TB/3TB - I have a 3TB Seagate drive which has fantastic performance for about 80.

    The power on my main rig is a CM Silent Pro Gold 700w because I had the idea of SLI'ing to cards and I have a lot of HDD in it. I ended up selling the 2nd card because it wasn't worth so much extra cash for not that noticeable performance improvement. Also, if you run multi-monitor your mobo should be able to run up to 3 extra anyway so no need to get more cards for this. My 2nd machine runs a 500W Tesla power supply and this has been reliable and would be perfectly fine for your setup at less than 15, however you could consider paying more for better efficiency rating or the brand that you prefer.

    I can't comment on the i7, but I have the i5 Haswell in my main machine and am pretty happy with it. However, I swapped out an i5 Sandybridge into my 2nd machine when I installed it and to be honest I don't notice vast performance improvements (although the extra monitor slots are useful). I think you'll find that the machine you're suggesting (even with my suggestions) will quite happily play BF3 (4?) with high settings and good frame rates - just don't go mad on AA, tesellation or depth of field.

    Good luck with your new machine :-)
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