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why lan and wifi??? wouldnt it make sense to get rid of the lan (NIC) card since you're using wifi??? also look into geting real modem instead of a winmodem, or even a cable if they have it in your area.
also you could get a soundcard w/ built in firewire (btw its IEEE1394) i think SB audigy has it.
hope this helps
Cause this is the family comp, and not my personal rig. We used to have it directly connected to our router, but we moved it, so I stuck in the wireless card. So the LAN is just there if i need it later, and same for the modem. The modem is just backup for before we got the dsl installed and for when it goes out (hey, it happens...).. and real modems are spensive! And it allready has a SB live, so upgrading to a Audigy aint worth it (i do have one in my rig tho...)

Now if that comp was the one I used everyday, it'd be different.. (first thing i'd do would get rid of that horrbile tnt2... ewwwww)