Iím thinking about an upgrade or change in processor core type. Still going to stick with Intel but am trying to figure out if I should switch to a Haswell based system or upgrade my current processor a Core i7 3820 Sandy Bridge-E to an i7 4820k Ivy Bridge-E or the i7 4930K and sell the i7 3820 to help pay for the new CPU or sell the CPU and motherboard a Gigabyte X79-UP4 loaded with 32 GB of RAM then move to a Haswell based system. Which way do you think I should go? I tried to find information in several forums and on Intelís website to see which chipset they are going to continue improving. It seems that the Haswell core CPUís save a lot of power and some have 6 cores but 4 seems to be plenty. Iím switching to Windows 8 and figured now is a good time to make a few changes. After this change I may move up to the new AMD cards which are soon to be available. My 7970 is still a top tier card so Iíll use it a bit longer or maybe pair it up with my other 7970 thatís in my other computer and put a 7780 or so in it since I donít do much gaming on it and set up Crossfire with a second display that I have that is just about brand new on the supped up system.

Which direction should I go? Any suggestion for an X87 board and Haswell chip if I should go that route? Still using Windows XP but it's time to change.