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Thread: What to buy?

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    I was wondering if u guys can help me out here.I want to build my first computer but i dont know what to buy.Motherboard,Ram, power and so on.So if u can can u give me a list to what purchase to build a computer that will be so helpful to me if not sorry for the trouble.I llook at alienware websites but they dont list what prduct it is and other websites that i got to that builds pc or i would of just gotten a list from them :D

    Pentium 4 (2.8 ghz-3.0 GHz 256KB, 533MHz)
    Hard Drive
    and so on......

    not to much or to cheap :D

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    for the HDD, i would get the western digital 120gb with 8mb cache. its a beauty

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    Well it depends on what your definition for "Not to much or not to Cheap" is but anyway. If you like Intel and want to go with that I can't help you out too much. But If you like the idea of AMD check out some if not all of the parts in my sig. $1200 if you live in the US. I would probably change the Mobo to one of EPoX's KT400 boards (if you can find them) or the ABIT MAX 2. Also if you can spend more than $1200-$1300 try and upgrade the proc to a 2400+ or 2600+. or if you can wait, and have enough $$$ go for the AMD 2700+/2800+'s along with an NV30 (NVidias new card, coming soon).

    If you click on an item in my sig it will take you to a place where you can purchase it (best prices that I could find barring that the site was credible).

    I like this system and would highly recommend it :thumb:
    New Sig soon, old one was way outdated.


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    Aztec_warrior - P4 northwoods have a 512k L2 not 256.

    have a look at the Epox P4 motherboards EP-4BEAV & 4G4A (with the "+" if you want RAID)....they are intel chipsets and have support for DDR333 (or DDR354 depending on how you set it up) the EP-4PEA looks good too - but I don't have any personal experience with it.
    the EP-4SDA5 has nice features as well - but I haven't had good luck with SiS chipsets in the past.

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    Well the 2.8ghz is not exactly affordable for most people so I'm not sure if that falls under not too cheap not too expensive!
    If going for a P4 then use something with the Intel 845PE chipset on the motherboard as it supports DDR333 and also Hyperthreading CPUs which will be released in the near future.

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