Hi all! I'm new here but looking to upgrade my current gaming PC - I'm not a hardcore gamer but more of an all rounder, use my PC for work/school/mid level gaming/lots of media/music etc

I'll be keeping my 1GB SSD from my old build so Windows will be on that, the Toshiba HDD will be storage - I may even buy 2. I'm hoping for this system to last me quite a while and think it'll keep me happy for quite a while, figured I'd grab some opinions before diving in :)

Intel Core i7-6700K, Asus Radeon R9 Fury, Fractal Design Define R5 (Black) - System Build - PCPartPicker Australia

Oh and I think I may attempt overclocking where possible too. Anything I should change (and what/why)? The price is around about so not exact, I have seen some parts cheaper than whats showing up so I'd be double checking every items pricing before purchasing. Thanks in advance!