My old system is now becoming a bit limited for my needs. I use Ubuntu and usually spin a few VMs sometimes at the same time and the current 12GB ram are easily eaten by processes like tracker-miner, browser etc.

So lets see what I would like to upgrade to. A new I7 bundle made of motherboard, CPU, RAM (32GB). I will keep the current 850W power supply, case, DVDRW, 1TB SSD and 2TB SATA (and maybe GPU)

Looking around i checked this combination - Intel Core i7-6700 - System Build - PCPartPicker

Thoughts and questions -
  1. it looks like the Motherboard has a builtin VGA, it is great for me but i want to make sure i can plug in two monitors straight away on Ubuntu 14.04 (4.2.0-34-generic) - I am currently using a ATI Radeon HD5770 very old GPU but i dot care about GPUs a lot since i dont do gaming or graphics
  2. Memory compatibility is a bit crazy on the list for instance for DDR4 2800 i see sets of 8 * 8GB but the board has only 4 sockets for DIMMs ??? What is wrong with it? Also i dont see the RAM i just added in my bundle but i really want a 2x16GB set so maybe in the future i can get the same set to upgrade to 64GB when it goes cheaper. (i tried something similar with my old board but it didnt work apparently because the CPU didint handle the ram, not the motherboard)
  3. Any alternatives? Thoughts?

I will be buying the set in the UK though the aussie site looks great to check for components and compatibility. Still with the pain i had recently with a GSkill set on my Gigabyte motherboard i would still like to hear a few different opinions.