I want to build (built my last 5 machines) a new, very fast, Mini-ITX form factor gaming PC to replace the rig I have listed in my 'sig' I'm getting a new MB/CPU/CPU water cooler/Mem/case/& PS. In the new rig I will use my Samsung EVO 1TB SSD, Razer mouse and mech KB, and my audio components (M-Audio AV40 2.0 speakers, and when the wife is home (hates Battlefield 4) use our Sennheiser PC360 headset) > I HOPE both can be connected to the existing sound ports on the new MB....

The new rig would be:
* Asus Z170I Pro Gaming MB (Or should I get the ROG Maximus Impact 8, considering what I want/need to do?)
* i7-6700k unlocked CPU (will OC it... for fun, maturity is over-rated)
* Corsair 2x8GB LPX DDR4 3200 Mem
* If I go Fractal case, can use Corsair Hydro H100i, but would have to get external optical dvd/rw-Samsung SE-208GB, and new EVGA 650GS PS
* This new MB has a WiFi card onboard (is this the one that folks have been replacing with the Intel...)
* I do like music on the PC... hope onboard sound solution is very good...buddy has a Creative(?) external ZXR sound card he really likes...hmm... ( My existing Xonar Essence ST internal won't fit)
* 27" Acer Predator XB271HU... seems 1440P the emerging serious gaming standard now / need Display Port
* Windows 10 Pro, flash drive delivery (?)

Thinking out loud here.... Wife needs replacement PC for her Vista OS Dell from @ 8 yrs ago...HMM... I do have in my rig another SSD, an Intel X25 160GB with Win 7 on it.....If I can SELL her my rig and use $ for the new one....

Does this possible rig make sense? Ideas... thanks.