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Thread: p4te, p4s333, p4b266

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    I've spent a couple of days reading opinions and comments on the
    virtues of these three boards:

    P4t-e (Intel 850 chipset)
    P4s333 (SIS 645 chipset)
    P4b266 (Intel 845D chipset)

    From reading the posts, there doesn't seem to be a clear winner and I
    wouldn't expect one.

    For those of you that have these boards, I'd like your opinion on
    which is the most stable. I'm about to make the leap (of faith) from
    a VIA based board that has so many patches that it's like an old dog
    with a broken leg (a7v133). I'm sick of the incompatibility with
    USB/IRQ sharing/and a host of problems.

    Which board has had the least problems (patches/drivers/OS

    So is Intel or SIS my best choice on an ASUS motherboard?

    If the board comes with "on board audio" can it be disabled and if so,
    does that free up the resources?

    I look forward to your opinion!

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    A lot of sources state that all are stable but the i850 comes at a premium price and the i845D is just not quite enough but alot are set on the SiS645 DDR333. :smokin:
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    Thanks for the info. Yeah the p4te (Asus with the 850 chipset) is expensive for a MB. I've heard good things about the SIS p4s333: less money and pretty darn fast. I only wonder about SIS's support (patches, drivers, bios upgrades...etc) You don't see much on them-------maybe that's good.

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    We have reviews on a couple of these Asus boards that you're looking at...

    P4S333 (SiS645 chipset)

    P4B266 (i845D chipset)
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