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Thread: Need help building dream machine......

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    I'd probably have to go with NewEgg of the two etailers listed. Shentech seems to be getting very mixed comments on so buyer beware.
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    Just wanted to thank everyone for the help it is surely appreciated. I will keep posted on my rig so everyone knows how they contrbuted. So far I have purchased a NEC PlasmaSync 61MP1 61'' Plasma Display for a monitor and am about to put in a purchase for a tower. If anyone has any more suggestion feel free to post them.
    Again thanks for the help.
    Mr. BG Dicky

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    Hey.if u wanna know how to build an ultima PC. I would recomend u buying the december issue of Pc Upgrade. It has tons of info on gaming pc and much more. my computer is ok for gaming(like CS,and diablo2).heres my list ,(o,and i just got this rig last month ;) .so is pretty new.

    mother board intel 850emv2l
    CPU- intel p4 2.53ghz 512k
    ram-512 ddr 400
    video card. RADeOn 9700 128mb
    sound card-MSI 6 ch. 5.1 surround card
    case-no brand--but is a silver case with window side
    fans-4 fans -one on cpu-1 on side of case-one of power supply and one one HD

    my rig cost me arround 2500 CANadian.

    O.and one thing,,DONT USE WATERCOOLERS-
    my friend use to have a water cooler,but then he had to just throw away his computer ,cause after one year of use,he saw a little hole in the tube,,and it just made his computer usless.

    Good luck making ur ultima computer

    p.s. if u really ar stuck in not knowing what to buy,,just go buy a voodoo or a falcon computer.they ar really good//

    from---mr.pc.guy!:shoot3: : peace2: :cheers: :shoot3:


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