Im looking to upgrade my sons Pre Built with a new cooler. His i7-7700k gets very hot during PUBG and other newer games it seems, reaching in the mid 80's C. The 120mm AIO CyberPowerPC cooler that came with the pre built cant keep with newer games so Im looking to replace it but with what? I'd like for him to be able to overclock at some point up to 4.8 to even 5 in the future. So with that being said, would a 240mm be enough to get the job done? I was looking at the Corsair H100i series since his case (InWin 303) cant fit a 280mm in the top exhaust slot. He does however have room for the H150i and from what I read, may perform better when it comes to overclocking an i7-7700k. What would you go with?