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Thread: Search for best prices! (UK)

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    Hehe, well, thought I'd help out any brits here, seeing as the Americans and Aussies are currently catered for. Try for the cheapest prices on computer hardware to domestic appliances and cars :)

    Hope this has some use for atleast a few people :D

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    Hi ,

    Thanks for that very useful link ! Lol was biting my nails I had the cheapest price for my Lian Li case but the site confirmed it !

    Gerry: peace:
    Abit NF-7S Ver 2.0, barton 2500+ @210x11.5 =2420mhz VCore 1.95v ,pc 3200 winbond ch-5 ddr ram @7,3,3,3 Cas 2.0 ,creative audigy 2 + 5.1 creative speakers,creative geforce 4 ti 4400 @315/650 ,nec 5800a dvd rom (flashed region free ), lite on cd r/w 52x,zalman 400w silent psu,SLK800U with 92mm Zalman fan ,lian li pc 65 (modded )SiSoft Sandra PR3509, 3D Mark 2003 v3.03 = 1885

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    512MB DDR PC3200 CL=3 Non-parity

    75.19 down for 90 a couple of days ago :woot:

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    this site above has some really good gold edition memory cosair and it has the 466 clocked cosir to so it will save you the trouble of overclocking it if you dont have any experience in this field

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    I wasn't expecting to see a UK best prices thread along with the US and aussie ones :) is a nice site if you are looking for PC hardware. Their prices may not be the cheapest (although quite cheap) but the have a nice range of products and i have never had a problem ordering from them.

    Also have very competitive prices and have been recomended to me by a few people but i have no personal experience of ordering from them.

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    thanks for the links man!

    Whats "non parity" means? i saw in for the PC3200 512 Mb memory

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    this is the site selling cheap computer parts and accesories

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    Might not be the right thread for this but......

    A site I don't recommed is

    The worst customer service I'v had

    Bought a MSI 875 neo, sent it back under a rma no and they send me back the wrong board! Not major you may think but after ages trying to get them to swop it out no deal the expected me to send it back (and pay for it!). b4 I got a new one.

    Eventualy they are collecting today But still no swop It must go back ect ect ect.

    Well pi**ed off I can tell you. I'v bought a few hundred pounds from them NO MORE

    Be warned.

    EDIT After many emails to and fro, it seems that MSI sent me the 865 as a direct replacement for the 875!!!!!! NO WAY, still waiting for a refund but they say its on the way. Still the worst customer service I'v had. If I was daft enough to take it they would have fobbed me off with a much cheaper MB with less features.

    Now at least I will get all my cash back and will start again.

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    I'm tempted to buy from MicroDirect, but I've never ordered from them before. They came off cheapest on a number of products that I searched for, and they have a fairly good range of products.

    crazysniper22 - Non-parity is basically the same as non-EEC.

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    Im convinced, this reseller is the cheapest I've bought from. I've bought from ebuyer,
    But if you want the best hardware that you can't find on normal Uk resellers websites then try this place. Im going to buy from them in the future even though they are america based. see they get the best before we do, and thats a fact!!

    Have a nice day!!
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    Lian LI PC60
    (2 intake 80mm ADDA/3
    exhaust 80mm ADDA)
    EG465P-VE Enermax Dual fan PSU 465watt
    Asus A7N8X Dx ver2.0 C1007 latest bios
    AthlonXp 3200+ Barton
    Xms Corsair 3700PT TwinX paired [email protected]
    200mhz X 11.0 = 2.205GIG
    creative audigy 2
    Asus V8460 U Ti 4600 Dx
    CPU full load 28C
    Case full load 24C
    Western D HDD 120gb
    XP Professional current best- crap
    11682 marks=xp best performance settings @ 2500+ 166mhz x 11.0X = 1.83GIG

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