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Thread: a dumb question (cause i'm a newb)

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    when i asked about a gaming computer,the reply guy told me to get a athlon 2200. NOw i was wondering, is athlon 2200 the same as intel p4 2.2? o,and when i was looking at a site,there was this (athlon 2.2 +oem.) and a (athlon 2.2 + retail box) .waz the diffence?
    My gaming rig-----------
    epox- ep 8RDA+ (sweet mobo)
    athlon 2000+
    2x 256 mb pc 3200 ddr 400 ram
    no brand case
    40 gb 7200 rpm western dig
    dvd-rom + cd-rw
    400 w PSU
    radeon 128mb 9700 pro (i am almost broke!)

    My server

    Msi mobo-athlon 2000+ 2x512 pc 2400 ddr ram - 120 gb 8mb 7200 rpm. - radeon 7000 64 mb- 15 nec montoir - atx case with 5 fans total

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    ok the differance is that the Pentium runs at the clock it says it does so a 2.2 p4 runs at 2200Mhz or 2.2Ghz a Athlon XP 2.2 will run a bit less then 2ghz(not too sure here) but the thing here is that although its less of a clock it will preform the same as the P4. Any hardware that you buy and it says BOX this means that you get the nice box, any extra softare (hardare) that comes in the cardboard box and also the drivers disk. When you buy an OEM item you ussally get the item in a static bag with a drivers CD but no box no extra software, when talking about CPUs a Box cpu will come with a H/S and fan and an OEM cpu will ussually be just the bare CPU and you have to buy the fan and heatsink. Also i do beleave that some Box items have a longer warrany then OEM items o and i know that some OEM devices score a bit less when it comes to their BOX counterparts this is usually a very small differance that most ppl dont notice (say a few fps less), and its a very few things that do have this differnace and they are usually videocards but as i said the preformance thing is rare.

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    the only difference between an oem and retail is you get extra stuff with retail. i have never heard of a physical difference between the actuall processors. the hsf with retail is usually crap and you will probably end up buying another (better) one anyway. the only other real difference is the length and type of warranty. some retailers provide their own warranties for the products they sell, incuding oem'll have to check. If you live in western washington i know a few. the number assigned to amd chips represents its P4 equivilent not it's actual mhz. like my 2100+ for's actual mhz (before oc) is 1.74 ghz, but it is equivilent to a P4 2.1 -2.2 ghz

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    With the AMD retail boxes you get a 3 year warranty i think. only 1 year with OEM.

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    But w/ the OEM CPU ya can at least get ya self a decent HSF as the retail units arn't all that good. :devil win

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