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Thread: Brand DDR modules vs Standard?

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    Is there any advantages buy getting a brand memory like Kingston or Samsung over just plain standard memory modules to a Granite Bay board? Could it be any performance and stability difference? :?:

    I may want to try some oc, but nothing to heavy.

    I need two sticks of pc 2100 mem.

    (There is just like 10$ more expensive per module to get Samsung over the standard modules)

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    I'd prefer to get Crucial or Corsair myself but some reviews were done with some pretty slow generic memory and that still performed well.

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    I use Samsung myself ...i believe RDR does as well..not bad at all.

    *I recently learned that GBay only supports 2100 but i always thought 2700 was its that so?*
    - Damien

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    G Bay boards are supposed to only support 2100 but there is some evidence that the Gigabyte board may benefit from 2700 DDR.

    I read that on one of the motherboard reveiws here in the last few weeks.

    ps: I use kingston memory and have never had a problem with it. Lifetime warranty as well.

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    Yer less likely to run into trouble with brand name memory as opposed to no name memory. I prefer Samsung myself, but Crucial is good as well. I haven't used Corsair, but I've never heard a single complaint about their memory.

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