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Thread: TV Tuner and Console

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    I want to get a gamecube, but do not want to get a tv. I do not have the $ for a tv and do not have the space in my room for a tv. So it is out of the question. I am wondering if anyone has tried a console system with a tv tuner card? Is this an idea that will work well? I have tried to look this up on the internet but I did not read too much about it!
    I am thinking about getting the TV LEADTEK WINFAST "DELUXE" TV2000XP, I have read a lot of good things about this card!
    Thanks for you input!

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    don't get a WinTV PCI card TV tuner - get an external tuner

    look at the Viewsonic VB50HRTV or the Nextvision N5/N6

    it allows the PC video signal to pass through when you are using your computer - or acts as a TV tuner and sends a full screen size picture to your monitor without the computer even needing to be on.

    it's cable ready & has inputs for DVD/VCR/gaming consoles

    you'd also need a Y adaptor for your speakers so you can use them for your computer & the TV tuner

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    yeah I was looking at those viewsonic boxes as a way to use my monitor for console games. The only problem is they are full screen only. But hey, from what I have read they will be a lot better than the pci tv cards, and less taxing on my system...ehehe

    I will probably get the VB50HRTV, becuase of the price and the reviews of it (I go most of the reviews from

    The N6 is nice, but sooooo much money...close to $400 dollars. The N5 looks nice, but I have not been able to find much literature on it.

    Thanks for the info RDR! :thumb:

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