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Thread: Laptop for $10

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    Hey! I thought I would spread the word about some information that I have found. Have you seen on eBay were people are selling information to get electronics for cheap? We'll I'm doing the same thing except I'm not trying to make money off of it. I have found this site called $10 Laptops. Its a company that runs a 3x7 matrix site. And for 10 measely dollars you get a brand new laptop. At first I was skeptical, like many of you might be, and I didn't not want to do it. On this site they have a forum, which surprised me, and you can talk to the admin of the site. This relieved me a little bit about my "investment." I read the previous posts in the forum and I asked the question that I did not find answered. Every question was answered within the same day. This let me know this wasn't a shady operation to royally screw me over, haha. I invested my $10 and I plan to invest $35 dollars on the Plasma TV they also offer, as soon as I finish this matrix.

    Here is the link to order from them...

    If you join, please make sure you go from this link so I will become your sponsor. Thanks for your time.

    Post any questions here, I will check back. If you have a personal question, feel free to pm me.

    Thanks again.
    : peace2:

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    hmm thease piramid scams are a great way to loose $10 bucks or more since u have to buy some books and crap Good luck with it

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    Either that or $1000 for shipping :D
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    Well, yeah I thought the same thing at first but then I actually contacted a couple of people that recieved their laptop. They said it worth it but they did put a lot of hard work and effort into it. Its not a pyramid scam and its not a straightline matrix that will rip you off. And shipping is free....well if you do have any other questions I'm open to answer them. Thanks.

    BTW, I was just as skeptical as many other people out there if not more skeptical....;)

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