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Thread: Power Problems

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    I am currently having a problem getting enough power to run my new video card: nVIDIA GeForce4 Ti4200-8x by Chaintech

    System Layout
    Motherboard: ASUS CUV4X-D
    CPU: P3 933MHz x 2
    RAM: 256MB SDRAM x4
    Storage: Seagate 60GB HD, WesterDigital 20GB HD
    CD: Generic 56x
    CD-R: LiteonIT 48x12x48x
    Video: nVIDIA GeForce4 Ti4200-8x by Chaintech
    Sound: Voyetra Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
    NIC: D-Link DFE-530TX
    Keyboard: Dell PS/2
    Mouse: Logitech USB
    Case: X-pider Aluminum (80mm fans x5)
    Power: Turbolink 420W (+3.3v = 28A / +5v = 40A / +12v = 18A)

    When I put all this together (no overclocking) and power up the system, I get the following power readings:

    +3.3v = 3.07
    +5v = 4.91
    +12v = 12.16

    The +5v and +12v are just fine and don't cause me any trouble, but the bloody +3.3v is dropping way too low. This causes a hardware warning from the motherboard, which I can flag to Ignore, but the power drain also causes my USB mouse to stop working. I can plug the PS/2 mouse in and it works, but obviously something is wrong.

    I then replaced the 420W PSU with an old generic 250W PSU for kicks, and it actually runs better (+3.3.v = 3.18). Still in the red, and not enough to solve the problem, but enough to show me that the PSU is the problem.

    So, I know I have to buy a new PSU...the question to you, oh knowledgeable ones, is, what PSU will solve my problem?

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    After reading lots of reviews and opinions on the Internet, including these fine Forums, I went ahead and purchased the Antec TruePower 430W power supply. works like a charm! My power readings are no longer in the red:

    +3.3v = 3.21

    Still a bit below 3.3v, but acceptable to the motherboard alarms and my hardware, apparently. So, a big thanks to Antec!

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    Usually the tollerance is +/-5% which the first PSU (sorry never heard of that brand before) wasn't able to do but don't worry about slighty under voltages as this is common enough just remember the +/-5% tollerance level. ;)

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    Thanks, Wiggo.

    I'll keep that in mind for future buys and configuration readings.

    Just a side note on the Antec performance since yesterday's installation: everything is still running fine, and the Antec is quite (as the reviews said it is), with the PSU main fan running under 1500 RPM, even after having the PC on for 16+ hours.

    Of course, Antec has to thank the low temps in the X-pider case for not needing to run the fans any faster.

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