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Thread: What to buy for new gaming system

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    Within the next month or so I will be changing most of the components in my PC.
    The only stuff I'll keep is CD, HD, floppy and case (AOpen LX45 with 235W PSU).
    In other words I will be buying, processor, mobo, memory, graphics card, ISDN card and PSU (my old one is 235 W).

    The PC is mostly used for games, and mundane task that donít need a lot of oomph. Thus, you could consider it a gaming machine. I will not do any serious overclocking to start with as the machine should be hefty enough. I may do some later on.
    I am struggling deciding what to buy, and hope to get some advice.

    My alternatives are:

    -Mobo based on SiS655 chipset, possibly MSI 655Max (or Asus P4DX Deluxe)
    -P4 2,53 GHz
    -2 DDR400 (PC3200) memory sticks. Either 2x256 MB or 2X512 MB. In doubt here due to price. Furthermore, someone told me I should get memory with/supporting cas2, recommending Corsair but this seems very expensive. Any ideas?
    -Radeon 9700 (or ĖPro?). Will keep an eye on prices as the FX is out, and knowing that ATIís 350 is getting close, but this is my choice for the time being.
    -PSU from Enermax or Antec. I have not looked at the various models yet, and would welcome suggestions.

    -Mobo based on the nForce2 chipset, possibly Asus A7N8X
    -XP 2700+ or 2800+
    Other as above.

    It seems to me that the price/performance premium that AMD used to have is gone now, as a P4 2,53 is a bit cheaper than an XP 2700+?
    I saw yesterday that both Intel and AMD are dropping prices and will of course take this into consideration when making my decision, i.e. I need to see when the price reduction hits the stores.

    Any advice, tips, comments and experiences are welcome.
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    Get this case, then get
    a 400 watt psu
    asus A7N8X delux mobo
    radeon 9700 pro
    ddr 400 ram

    case closed:thumb:
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    I have the A7N8X mobo and Enermax PSU. Both working really fine. The PSU is really silent, because the exhausting cooler runs about 1200rpm and intake fan propaply the same. (both are heat adjustable) Buy that kind of PSU, which have TWO coolers, one intake (from inside the case) and one exhaust! :cool: :cool:

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    Right now, at least here, (granted been like this for me for a while but now other places showing similar prices) the Pentium 4's are much cheaper than the athlon xp's (ranging from 5 bucks (2ghz p4, and the 2000+ is 5 bucks more) to as much as 100 bucks more for the 3000+ compared to the 3.06ghz p4). Considering this, I'd personally go with an intel setup based on a granite bay board to take advantage of dual channel ddr on a p4, and go with a 2.66ghz p4 (best bang for the buck here at the moment being only 15 bucks more expensive than the 2.53 and 70 less than the 2.8)... and when you do decide to overclock, the P4's overclock much better than the athlons ('bout avg for a p4 for oc'ng is 450mhz over stock)

    As far as ram goes, getting low latency helps out a lot! But if you get faster memory (PC3500 for example) even if it's rated at cas2.5 you can run your memory more agressively since you won't be running that ram at 433mhz. So you can adjust your timings to give you better performance. But I would recommend going with corsair's ultra low latency memory.

    As for the vid card...The 9700 pro has dropped in price 30 bucks this past week, and from one of my suppliers, it's supposed to drop in price greatly next week (imagining another 50 bucks or so) which'd bring it down to 500 CDN$ for the oem aiw 9700 pro (regular 9700 pro (not all-in-wonder) is (as of today) 60 bucks cheaper).... Just an idea for ya since the FX doesn't outperform the 9700 :)

    As for the PSU, I've heard Antec makes a good psu, but I use enermax psu's (460's all but 2 of the 5 machines i work on each day (those 2 have 550's)). They are expensive, but they're extremely stable (2.8ghz p4 at home currently is using 480w of power on a 460w psu, and the psu is very stable slightly overloaded). Just another idea to keep in mind.

    Can't really recomend an isdn card for ya, as I stopped using ISDN a few years ago :) But I can tell ya your not gonna find anything new and exciting in the ISDN market :) Might be better off to pick up a little cisco 1600 series (or 800 serise) router for a couple hundred bucks and use that instead (800 probably more than ya need, 1600 you can use a t1 wic card in when ya decide you've outgrown your isdn connect and if you wanna upgrade heh).

    Mainboard, I'd personally go with the Albatron PX845PE Pro II ... it's running 190 CDN$ right now, but it's got all the nice little features. I'd go with this board tho if you aren't going with dual channel. If you are, I'd go with a gigabyte 8INXP for a P4 rig. Won't really comment on AMD setup coz it'd cost ya more money (in this neck of the woods); and the advice given is alright too :)
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