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Thread: LG CD-Burner ?

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    I'm thinking of upgrading my Ricoh 8x 4x 32x to a LG 40x 32x 12x.

    Anyone know if this LG drive is any good?

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    I personally have had bad experiences with LG products..... except their RAM :)

    I would go for the Ricoh 32x12x40, or the AOpen equivalent (AOpen simply rebadge the Ricoh drives - the firmware is almost identical)

    As for making "backups" of protected discs, the Lite-On 24x10x40 is getting rave reviews, my Creative 16x10x40 also seems to handle SafeDisc2 copying well :sun:
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    I highly recommend the LiteOn 24/10/40 drive, excellent piece of hardware at a great price

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    What kind of problems did you have cus i just bought a new LG 16write 10 re wrte 40 read it goin to screw up? :S


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    I don't have a problem with LG, I was just thinking of upgrading my Ricoh 8X write, 4X re-write 32X read. I remembered hearing good things about one of the entry level brands, but couldn't remember which one. Hughesey answered the question with Lite-On. :D

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    Ill tell you the same thing I tell everyone who asks for cd burner advice:

    Go here and check out the burner you want to get. make sure it can read/write RAW and can encode EMF. <- very important. Without EMF, you cannot backup safedisc2 protected cds.

    Currently, the bestest burner out there is the liteon 24x value for money that is. The plextor takes the cake for best burner ever imo, but at AU$700+ its alot more than the liteon which can do everything it can, only a few mins slower (mainly at reading cds) for only AU$190

    When you get to the supported cd database at Elby, youll notice the LG is a POS.
    ...and they are. Installed a few and they are a real ******* to get working with nero.

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    wow.. there's like 4 or so drives that offer BurnProof, EFM burning, and reading/writing RAW+96.. and the LiteOn 24x is one of them.. I'm impressed.. mine should be here by the end of the week.. :)

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    Plextor drives arent that dear. i get them starting at about $400 for their 24x

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    i hae a LG 8432 and it works good for me NOW. had a few problems with it at the begining with xp but it works great now
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    I have an lg burner, mind you it's an older one 8080 only 8x4x32 but i like it. i never had problems with it. in fact it only messed up cds at the beginning when i only had a little bit of ram and was doing alot of things at the same time... since i've upgraded my ram i've never had any problems with it. oh i was thinking if i should upgrade my burner but i think i'll wait a year or so and get a dvd writer.. what do you think.. i'm liking dvd+rw the best.. i hope they will get the official support if they don't already... besides i don't know if any of the other dvd writable cd's will work on my ps2... any advice on whether i should wait to buy a dvd writer pls message me thanks

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