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Thread: Where to get the cheapest 120GB Hard Drive??

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    Hi All,

    I was wondering where the cheapest place to get a 120GB ATA-100 is? Spindle speed doesn't matter. Thanks.

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    did a quick look:
    120 Gb Western Digital 7200 RPM UATA 100
    $699 @

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    WOW 120 gb? Now that is alot!
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    check my sig - i have just over that all up :)
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    I'm actually looking to get around half a terabyte in a hardware RAID 5 all up. So I'll be getting either 4 X 160GB drives, or if there is a problem with ATA-133 backwards compatability, 5 X 120GB drives. Plenty of room for my DivX movies!!:D :D

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