unfortunately due to child labor laws i can not get a job so my hardware is limited to what i can mooch off my parents into getting me. once i can get a job i can easily pass for a job at bestbuy building/upgrading computers or for a local computer store (...i forgot the name of it)

what i had (last year approx):
1. case that heats up so fast you could use it for a toaster
2. crappy ecs k7s5a
3. amd atholon 1.4Ghz at 133/133
4. random 128 MB ddr
5. random 24 Gig drive
6. i have no idea pos power supply 300w
7. 0 case fans, only fans are on processor and power supply
8. no coolers
9. 0 mods
10. really bad temps
11. really cool LS-120 floppy drive.

salvaged a lot from it so now it is just a case with no trays)

what i have:

1.Raidmax Model 268WBP(BLACK/SILVER)
2.(crap) ecs k7s5a
3.amd atholon 1.4Ghz at 133/133
4.(random fry's crap) 1 512 MB ddr + 1 256 MB ddr
5.western digital 100 GB
6.(crap) only god knows, 300W and is really bad
7. 2 80mm on side of case, 1 80mm on front,(soon to have 1 80mm thermaltake smartfan on a thermalright sk-7, aka. the thermal twins+arctic silver 3)
8.no good coolers, retail on vid card/ whatever was on my mobo
9. my remote fanbus mod(lot of wiring, first time with a dremel)
10. board temp= 1 (prob a bad sensor), cpu temp 27, power/aux 47 (my #1 problem when it goes above 50 on this POS mobo)

blue cold cathode, very bright + has a sound sensor. fanbus has 7 very bright blue LEDs ( 1 power, 1 hdd, 3 fan indicators, 2 in front for cool effect

what i will be getting soon:

processor heatsink + fan (also purchase 20 silver thumb screws, 8 silver fan screws, arctic silver 3):
(currently being mailed) 1 80mm thermaltake smartfan on a thermalright sk-7, aka. the thermal twins+arctic silver 3)
new fans: 2 80mm aluminum or chrome
new mobo: giga byte GA-7VAXP ULTRA
new power supply (still looking)
-some ive come across at www.newegg.com / www.svc.com:
Allied 400W Power Supply ATX400P4 w/ Two Fans
COOLMAX 400W POWER SUPPLY CT-400 W/ 2 double ball bearing fans

what do you suggest?

ps. how do i get my img tags to work on this site?

some more piks of my case (side one the ground connection disconnected from the...connector, dont have correct nuts for it yet)




(i should take piks of walls when i have cathodes / fanbus fully on)