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Thread: In need of instructions.

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    I was wondering how you go about restoring the registry from one that was exported via regedit. I'm asking because when I tried to merge one on my Win2000 machine I got the message that I was tampering with my product and that was not allowed.
    Then it would no longer boot. Repairing the install didn't work either. Had to reinstall OS all togrther.
    Now I'm having some problems on my XP machine. Hard drive write times really slow. Yes, I've tried remove reinstall drivers. Checked acustic management, even reset cmos(witch worked before.) I have a back up registry file of when things were good but, don't want the same problems as before with 2000.:confused:
    Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks Anti
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    You aren't exactly clear on what you are saying...

    If you didn't do a fresh install do one. Otherwise if you did it's your hardware :hammer:
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    Sorry if that was unclear. I wanted to know the proper way to restore the registry. From a back up that was made using regedit.:o

    It's a clean install of XP home ver. Only about 3 months old.

    My troubles with win2000 are over. At the moment. I was just letting every one know my reason for concern. At this point I'm not up to reinstalling everything. I'm sure MS will start to wonder why I have to activate my copy so many times.

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    Thanks any way guy's. I was hoping I was missing something but, it seems my troubles are hardware related. I know that you just double click it. Thought I might ask to make sure. It didn't solve my problems so, I'm off to the hardware section to figure this out.:shrug:

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